“What is Relief Nose Revision Surgery?”

It is a surgery for those who does not like the result of primary surgery, occurring of contractures, deformation of prosthesis, and side effects such as inflammation happens.

Since the primary surgery accurately identifies the cause of failure and the tissue has already been damaged, it is necessary to go through the surgery with an experienced specialist.

  • 수술시간

    Operation time

    Within 1~1hour 30 minutes

  • 회복기간

    Recovery Period

    Within a week

  • 마취방법

    Anesthetic method

    Sleeping Anesthesia

  • 내원치료횟수

    Number of internal treatment

    2~3 times

  • 실밥제거


    Not Required

  • Typical period of nose revision surgery

    To minimize side effects, it is best to do revision surgery after 6 months to 1 year when nose tissues are steady.

  • Inflamed case

    Incase inflammation occurred, it is best to do revision surgery after the inflammation subsides.

  • In case the prosthesis is removed

    If the prosthesis is removed, re-insertion revision surgery is performed after the cut has been completely cured.

*The model in the video is an image model

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