What is Relief Eyelid Revision Surgery?


If the result of surgery is not satisfactory or if there is a side effect, this operation improves the desired shape to prevent secondary revision by accurately identifying the cause.

Relief Eyelid Revision Surgery, Must be different from the primary surgery!

Eye revision surgery should be conducted by an experienced specialist since accurate analyzation of failure in primary surgery must be done. Also at the same time must decide the right surgery for the current eye status minimizing previous scars and tissue damage.

  • Acute revision surgery

    Side effects found right after surgery. Will be done after 1~2 weeks after surgery, recommended for a revision ASAP.

  • Mid revision surgery

    Surgery done after skin tissues are stabilized. Done after 1~6 months after primary surgery. Usually done to correct side effects occurred by non incisional method.

  • Late revision surgery

    Done after 6 months after primary surgery. Can be done after the patient’s scars are completely stabilized.

  • Operation time

    Within 1~2 hours

  • Recovery Period

    Within a week

  • Anesthetic method

    Sleeping anesthesia and Local anesthesia

  • Number of internal treatment


  • Hospitalization

    Not required

  • 코끝, 콧대성형( )
  • 쌍꺼풀(매몰법)( )
  • 콧대+코끝, 실리프팅, 턱끝성형( )
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