What is Under Eye Fat Repositioning?


This surgery is performed to evenly relocate the thick, protruding, or drooping under snow to smooth and brighten up the rough, dark corners of the eye.

  • Operation time

    Within 30 minutes

  • Recovery Period

    Within 2 weeks

  • Anesthetic method

    Sleeping anesthesia and Local anesthesia

  • Number of internal treatment

    1~2 times

  • Hospitalization

    Not required

절개법  수술 대상 case

  • Person whose under eye fat protrudes excessively
  • Person looks older with droopy eyes
  • Person who has severe dark circles
  • Person whose under eyes are rough
  • Person who has severe pigmentation

  • 코끝, 콧대성형( )
  • 쌍꺼풀(매몰법)( )
  • 콧대+코끝, 실리프팅, 턱끝성형( )
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