What is Marble Endoscopic Forehead Lift?


It is an operation that improves the drooping of forehead and eyebrow eyelids due to aging through endoscopic equipment. It reduces nerve and muscle vascular damage, and it can be improved with a clear eye without incisional line.

  • 수술시간

    Operation time

    Within an hour

  • 회복기간

    Recovery Period

    1~2 weeks

  • 마취방법

    Anesthetic method

    Sleeping Anesthesia

  • 내원치료횟수

    Number of Hospital visits


  • 퇴원


    Not required

“Full HD Endoscope Equipment”

The endoscope of the Marble Plastic Surgery is able to see the nerves, muscles and blood vessels in detail through the Full HD endoscope, and precisely decorticates to the top of the eyebrows, so you can expect a more satisfying surgical result.

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