What is Marvelous Breast Surgery?

This surgery is performed by placing prostheses in the breast where the volume is lacking, and making a size and shape suitable for the individual's body type to make a voluminous beautiful breast.

  • 수술시간

    Operation time

    Within 2 hours

  • 마취방법

    Anesthetic method

    General Anesthesia

  • 실밥제거

    Thread removal

    Not Required

  • 회복기간

    Recovery Period

    Within a week

  • 입원여부


    1 Day

  • CASE 01

    When breast size is small

  • CASE 02

    When breast placement is unsatisfactory

  • CASE 03

    When breast shape is deformed after delivery

  • CASE 04

    When breast shape is deformed of rapid diet

  • CASE 05

    When breast is asymmetrical

*The model in the video is an image model

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  • 쌍꺼풀(매몰법)( )
  • 콧대+코끝, 실리프팅, 턱끝성형( )
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