What is Marble Hip Up Surgery?


The typical Asian body structure features small pelvis and a lack of volume, which creates a dull bodyline.

Hip up surgery will change flat droopy hips to an elastic, voluminous S line figure.

  • 수술시간

    Operation time

    Within an hour

  • 회복기간

    Recovery Period

    Within 1~2 weeks

  • 마취방법

    Anesthetic method

    Sleeping Anesthesia/ General Anesthesia

  • 내원치료횟수

    Number of Hospital visits


  • 퇴원


    Not required

  • Those who has flat hips
  • Those whose buttocks lost elasticity and droopy buttocks
  • Those who have asymmetric hips
  • Those who has no waist with flat hips

  • 코끝, 콧대성형( )
  • 쌍꺼풀(매몰법)( )
  • 콧대+코끝, 실리프팅, 턱끝성형( )
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